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Chris Beya - Guitar

chris beya guitare

First studied classical guitar and is moving quickly towards more electric styles , develops an original and personal style, excels in writing arrangements , programming and studio techniques .

  • Guitarist of the group since 1975 ( THE SPIDER -MAL ) .
  • French and foreign tours with Atoll ( 2 times the Olympia)
  • Demonstrator lounge music with Alain and Jean Luc GOZZO THILLOT
  • Tour , video and CD live in Japan 1989 ( 4th international rankings in Japan )
  • first French guitarist catalog songwriter from the best world
  • twenty albums and CD published in France and abroad
  • composition and recording of film music and contemporary dance
  • Speaking at the Philharmonie de Lorraine in Nancy CNMC and MA.I
  • specializes in computer music and produced various artists in his own record structure
  • Teaches guitar in various structures and conducts master classes in France and abroad .
Michael prise chant


Mike KADI - Singing and flute

Michael à la flûte accompagné de Chris

Studied flute and piccolo etc ... Conservatory, practice bass and guitar. It is influenced by Jettro Tull that stimulates and he turned therefore to a more intensive use of the flute. He sang in various rock bands, pop and metal during concerts. There is also a big fan of Celtic music.

His tone of voice allows him to express himself on large registers, well adapted to progressive rock.


didier pascal jerry

Didier HOFFMANN – Battery

Battery begins to age 7.

study at the Conservatory of Strasbourg classroom percussion ( Jean Batigne ). At the age of 17 he is the official drummer of French pop Atoll . Bireli Lagrene drummer from 1986 to 1989, concerts at the New Morning (Paris ), filmed in France, Germany and Italy. Festivals: Samoie ( Django Reinhardt ), Jazz d'Or Strasbourg (+ Christian Escoudé ). Babik Reinhardt accompanied


Pascal THEBAULT - Bass Guitar

Aclose studies at the Conservatory of Tarbes and Toulouse, he became a musician. He galas, accompanied renowned artists, recording artist, etc ... It is present in large music festivals, and contributes to the development of his instrument with great renowned luthiers.

In addition to his exceptional talents of bassist he practiced masterfully instrument can also common; the Stick.


Jerry LIPKINS- Keyboards

Piano , Voice , Organ , Keyboards , Pianist , Composer and Performer . It thus took with reference to the input Nancy Conservatoire competition and integrates the organ class of Mr. Cortellezzi .

few years later , in 1981, he became the first pianist keyboard Charlélie Couture Band and the first accomplice in a duet with Tom Novembre in his shows " Happy Birthday Music " and " An Evening at the End of the world " and his albums " Waxed Canvas "," Version Dubbing "," all soft , all deflated "," The insect " ..

also sign it with " Honky Piano " from the soundtrack of the film Chao Pantin . He writes " Mr Guitar Man " to Dee Dee Bridgewater, " Tropic Blues Bar " Patricia Kaas and realizes album Martin Destre " Manolo ." in 1990 he met Louis Bertignac and plays on the album Visitors “Rocks“.