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Chronic albums and articles of ATOLL group since 1975

Chronic albums and articles of ATOLL group since 1975


Atoll - l' araignée malIt is imperative that you listen to the second album Atoll if you're not convinced that something is really happening in France and we 're offering us a bunch of groups that have a say in international level, Atoll is now one of them. There was however a small friendly group so far , not very firmly on his music, what hope . But they have also learned considerably and ideas they had found a correct expression that finally revealed . And this superb album to demonstrate this and convince récalcitrants.Les pieces offered are organized in fact a quite personal voice around - poems (in French ) interesting and perfectly adhering to sound. Infinitely tortured sounds dévident pain on uncertain layers of Eminent and mellotron , which roll on a beautiful syncopated rhythmic sounds that create a climate that give this album a density for escape . And fuse all of these little crazy solos , incisive , stunning in their implementation and in the economy of their comments : guitar Christian Beya is very beautiful, violin Richard Aubert, somewhat reminiscent of David Cross, we striking for its harsh and creepy sound, and capricious moog that never ceases to make crazy antics puppet lost in a nightmare world of Spider -Mal , his army of robots. Because, and this is the force Atoll, solos never fail us as agreed technical exhibition but always as a terribly logical emanation of sound climate and constantly bring us images that convey sounds times.

All hits hard and just in Atoll, and this is probably due to the fact that it is one of the few French groups to be well supervised, hence a perfect sound and weighed about (that is Chabiron that product). From now on, it will have a very attentive ear Atoll.


After Atoll " l'Araignée - Mal "

Atoll struck a great blow with his second album, " The Spider Evil" , a record which was without doubt the best published in France in 1975. The group had a concert at long , but very little about him , while very mature and very conducive to explosion group situation we felt . So we rushed to meet these Metz . I do not know anything about the people Atoll and I must say I was impressed by their kindness, their intelligence about the lucidity they face in their music, their sense of reality also that categorically distinguishes all glandouilleurs so nice but if dreamers What we encounter in France . The human point of view , Atoll has everything to seduce . This is the type of group as Genesis is a simple first and prefers the franchise attitudes . I love this breed gens.Le group was never as good as the change of personnel in relation to " Musicians , magicians " was beneficial , " the arrival of Richard and Christian - Christian Beya , the new guitarist , a musician who can hear and has a sound quite in tune with the times , - says Michel Taillet we really stimulated it opened new horizons to the group " This has mainly conferred originality n. was not very clear in this first album a little too médiévalisant . The group now has a very personal atmosphere , music is the product of these words , and retains a sense of happening: We love playing live because then we feel different, it happens something new and often we catch ourselves. We like to do pieces of a jet, as the instrumental " Cazotte " that sprang like that and was nearly an hour's studio. " Yes, well Atoll gives the impression of a group where there is something going on , where , beyond the influences, there is a spirit that passes, vibrates and sparkles . Atoll The time has come. We want a very large group. Hey, guys , do not let go especially .

Hervé Picart.

TOP 50 1975

Come taste the band
Wish you were here
Against the grain
A trick of the tail
Yellow fever
10 ATOLL -
L'araignée -mal
Physical graffiti
Coney island bahy
Shaved fish
Time wind

Référendum Best 75/76

Chanteur(euse), groupe ou musicien français

1 Ange
2 Magma
3 Michel Polnareff
4 Atoll
5 Tai Phong
6 Yves Simon et Transit Express
7 Gérard Manset
8 François Béranger
10 Eddy Mitchell

Espoir 76


Chris Beya 19751 Dr Feelgood
2 Aerosmith
3 Tai Phong
4 Atoll
5 Rainbow
6 Bruce Springsteen
7 Mona Lisa
8 Outlaws
9 Supertramp
10 Queen


Atoll - Album TertioWith " Spider - evil" Atoll offered us a record of high quality course, but who suffered from influences too clearly marked . It is not true at all even with " Third " , which in the early plays is revealed as being a completely original work , a fully developed group . In two years they have managed to create a style of their own , original style . They managed to integrate their music without denying their influences, to blend into their mold , in order to express the deeper their own personality, and create music that is entirely their own . To be clear here Atoll materializes , this third album with all the hopes they left with a glimpse of " Spider - Evil" , and they obviously well used the past two years, to deepen their approach , refine their music and finally produce the album that should finally lead them to a success which they have always been right alongside Ange which they were often compared. What pleases with Atoll, is to see that after five years they are still there, with the same faith , the same energy in their infancy , with more to them the benefit of these years experiences. Moreover, the result is , with " Third " is an album of the highest quality both in terms of the cover (text inside ) produced music , and the same unit of album is not as is too often the case in France , a series of pieces put together and found the most diverse influences , mostly undigested .

" Tertio " is so far the most complete album Atoll, and the success which he promised will seem well deserved. It is time to recognize the true value of a group that after five years of existence remains one of the most reliable values ​​of music in France.


BEST 78 - Singer group (honest) or French Musician - Your Elected

1 Ange
2 Téléphone
3 Little Bob Story
4 Bijou
5 Atoll
6 Véronique Sanson
7 Ganafoul
8 Jacques Higelin
9 Magma
10 Bernard Lavilliers
11 Michel Polnareff
12 Yves Simon
13 Mona Lisa
14 Pulsar
15 Jean-Michel Jarre
16 Tai-Phong
17 Trans Europe Express
18 Jean-Luc Ponty
19 Spheroé
20 Factory

Best May 78 - Concert in Calais with Didier Lockwood invited. (18 March 1978 in Calais)…

Venus , too, of the East, five Atoll are now spending their control - but also their heat - throughout the territory. And far beyond tomorrow , think Hervé Picart ...
Atoll in the North Sea .

Histoire D' A ...

three years . Those famous three years have always been necessary to a French group to prove himself , as if life meant for the public by the group is good. In these three years , Atoll has evolved damned . The first album, " Musicians - Magicians " was rather uneven , wading through references too obvious . The second , the famous " Spider - Evil," was the decisive revealing .

group had suddenly found its size, cohesion. Despite significantly crimsonienne atmosphere , references cease to impose the front - scene of their music. " Third " finally opened up other opportunities. If we talk by listening Yes , we can also see qu'Atoll rethought his approach and his way of working . " Third " is square , it takes account of changes in jazz - rock in the spirit of contemporary music. Christian Beya was well enlightened me on their plans : "We want to make music rather built , sought, but while keeping many rock element to drive the public , we do not want music that either . one piece, but go from one color to another, from one tempo to another , playing with people's nerves by offering very different things. We're very sophisticated passages because we know that d other pieces are more direct , and that they will balance . " Approach healthier truth ...
Atoll is the only group with Magma that has created a language / music. He did it with our French words is even more convincing. Let fools equation Atoll / Yes . It is pointless and does not withstand analysis thirty seconds . Or rather qu'Atoll creates a truly original music, strong enough to impress, and playful enough to lead and direct . With French voice but emerged from the French original warranty tradition , the little group to be heard elsewhere than Francophonie , which is not the case that Angel is a 100% French phenomenon , imperceptible to the ears Foreign . More great technique five Metz , especially that of Chris Beya , comprehensive , can only assert their consideration of foreign specialists. Aware of this, Atoll will also soon launch an assault from abroad. It lacks for the moment that the means of such a policy , however, doomed to success. The story of A is only the beginning , believe me . The energy of the concert Calais has strengthened me in this faith .
Atoll live

I had by my side a viewer of choice for this concert in the person of Didier Lockwood ( Didier Calais ) . He had never heard the music of the Atoll and concert took upon himself the best effects : "This is the first time I hear them ( he told me at the end of the concert, very excited ) . I did not imagine they were too strong and too the point . not only their music is really well done, but they play with a really great fishing. " Thereupon he seized his violin and went to strong beef spiced with five island all delighted with the presence of such a personality in their ranks ( Chris Beya beautifully stimulated, indulged in some acrobatics felt better and his duel ended in a draw in 2368 bright points across ) . I must say that this concert of Calais was a great thing ...
honor roll this show, they were all mentioned .


olympiaAtoll was in. great shape , still above what it Was a Few months ago (at the Olympia LE19 April ) and HAD plenty of time to give us a very exciting show Revealed That ounce more scenic qualities (this helmet dyke !) And voice Dede Balzer , strong rhythm section , The Enormous talent of Chris Beya Have you better and plays guitar parts Whose Were feasts , last but not least the beautiful richness of music continued to evolve and APPEAR more beautiful and complex . The public supported the group with adulation and everyone thought That if Angel Continued to give up, Atoll Would Have no trouble rob him His popularity , both, Metz -have everything to go away now . The show Atoll Was the Most Popular away from the first weekend of the festival.

PUZZLE LUXURY Atoll : "More professional to be credible "

Serious and studious, five Metz Atoll spent their summer concoct their next album, "Rock Puzzle " , published in September just before a tour group so endearing , and more convincing. This album marks a further group effort on the one hand for a more careful realization that the past ( and there will be brass and violins on this album, but do not worry, used with tact and good taste of Yes its for a "Tormato" ) , and secondly for a more effective music, based on more solid rhythms on atmospheres perhaps too complacently sought by ordinary French groups (one context or guitarist Chris Beya finally explodes , recalling as it is one of the most terrible Gunslingers six strings Central Hexagonie ) . This is explained Alain Gozzo the drummer : we wanted to treat the production , as it has always been a weak point Atoll…


BEST 79 Beautiful today

3 rock puzzleIn large tub that shook the French rock now , it was expected qu'Atoll floats at most. But now "Rock puzzle " and Atoll flew over the waves. It must be said qu'Atoll is a group of highly demanding with respect to himself, he always challenges , to improve, to be in the game. This is what makes then Ange has weakened force stagnate instead Atoll still further strengthens , continues to improve , and "Rock puzzle" is his way (provisional) best album. The cover is the only element uninviting this exciting disc. It must be said qu'Atoll has evolved intelligently. He put a damper climates Yes- Genesis to perform a more surly more modern music, more rock, in which the subtle elements funky introduction , see a little disco , had the effect of rejuvenating . Let us be clear , does Atoll at any time or funky disco , but it feels like listening to this disc that is made by a group operating in the era of disco , being aware , and taking into account these contemporary elements to his music to him. A bit like the Stones, the Atoll know to be themselves and be their time. Thus, this group was a very nice music, now produces a beautiful AND very catchy music . "Rock puzzle" is like an echo to Mallarmé : " The virgin, vivid and beautiful today," because it gives us a brand new Atoll full of life and aesthetic practice 80 and not more than , faded , the hippisantes seventies . That's the background, but there is the way, which is not just for the brilliance of this album. Atoll had never sounded as it does now : absolutely original André Balzer singing out for the first time with all the desirable intelligibility , guitar Chris Beya - the guitarist who keeps up - is a beauty and breathtaking virtuosity, keyboards Michel Taillet emerge with a relief which further increases their slenderness , the rhythm is steel , and there is more brass and strings used with infernal address gives the group a huge sound , rich . With "Rock puzzle ," Atoll pass from minor to major , really. All compositions are also very strong , all malicious cocktails with a more than convincing funky rock and beautiful melodic findings that give a real magic to the album. There really is something for everyone in this luxurious musically disk which operates most masterful conversions without the shadow of a concession or opportunism. Atoll is ready for 80 .


Fool's Mate
The result of the popularity vote


1 King Crimson (Inc. Robert Fripp) atoll80
2 Génésis
3 V.D.G (Inc. Peter Hammil)
5 Mike Oldfield
6 Ange
7 Eno
8 Henry Cow
9 Area
10 D' Bowie
11 Osanna
12 P.F.M.
13 Yes
14 New Trolls
15 Soft Machine
16 Camel
17 Pink Floyd
18 Renaissance
19 Gong
20 Ash Ra Tempel


ATOLL : Métamorphose
(Christian Beya : guitares - André Teitschaid : vocaux)

A beautiful ballad of medieval inspiration from the directory scene ATOLL (recorded in the studio in Riom Magic Production)

R.L. July 7, 1989 Astonishing Music: Atoll to two thousand spectators! Two thousand spectators, about, come to some of Germany, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Paris, Verdun and Nancy attended yesterday the opening of the 9th festival Astonishing Music of Metz. An evening introduced by Zarmaz and then followed two events surprises: Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine and return ATOLL (Christian Beya guitarist with his four accomplices preparing a new tour in Japan). Two thousand people, the festival created by the association of the same name realizes there certainly one of his best success ...


On 21 July 1989 appeared in Japan on CD New ATOLL : " The Ocean"
recorded (quite quickly) but with significant means ( studio Marcadet SSL console and Palace Artistic studio console Neeve ) disc . largely funded by King Record Japan. The result is surprising : a consistent weld formation , in which dominates Chris Beya ( guitar , programming, compositions) , accompanied by Raoul Leininger , the new singer, while Jean- Pierre dazzling may Klares bass, drums Gilles Bonnabaud and Nathalie Geschier keyboards . André Teitschaid assured studio vocals and additional percussion Pascal Meyer .

Compared to previous albums " Third " or " Rock puzzle" inspiration was greatly renewed , the compositions do not lack charm and offer brilliant moments, the instrumental " Sahara " long piece in which Chris Beya us provides expert work on the guitar or " Hymn to Laiah " and its cyclic musical structures which interact in a finely crafted guitar and keyboards sounding "high tech" .

oceanChris Raoulstudio


ATOLL Live in Japan !

TOUR and reissue this occasion former ATOLL albums on CD by King Records in Japan. On July 21 , the Japanese tour began with a concert by " Muse Hall" in Osaka. Impeccable organization , a large air-conditioned club where more than 1,000 people supported him fervently musicians ATOLL , repeating in chorus songs old and new names of the directory of the CD appeared in the morning !

July 22, the event occurs tour Kawasaki Club Citta Tokyo (4000 people) or had held a great night with a progressive spectular .

ATOLL was a particularly remarkable performance and the concert was recorded by a mobile studio and videotaped . A disc public immortalize the event published in the fall .

July 26 held the second concert in Tokyo " Live House ", " Egg mann " , always in excellent conditions where ATOLL returned for three reminders in a particularly warm climate and performed a memorable version of " Paris c ' is finished . " The concert was also recorded and videotaped .

July 27 , Chris Beya participated in the studio Joe Dawn Sapporo , recording the next album PROVIDENCE ...

Then came the day of the concert at the " Messe Hall" Sapporo , Japan last concert tour. On this occasion, the musicians PROVIDENCE occurred in the first part .

Tour program included a part of the " Spider Evil ", " Paris is finished ", " The Golden Age " and all of " The Ocean" . The considerable success of the tour and the warm hospitality of the Japanese public already possible to envisage , with the organizers and King Records a new tour in larger rooms .


ATOLL " L'OCEAN " FLARENASH/CARRERE France 66.970 (published in France 1990 en CD, vinyle, k7 single)

CD Japanese tour: total respect of the original sound, musical themes and song plus a remarkable version of "Tunnel". (concerts recorded on 22 and 26 July 1989 in Tokyo). Want a way for the best of French progressive rock? Now Boarding!

ddjaponChris Raoul Jp


Atoll is one of the major groups in the French progressive landscape of the '80s . Originally released in 1989, " The Ocean" is a beautiful album of pop / progressive rock that deserves a ready ear.

Led by the excellent guitarist Christian Beya Atoll offers beautiful melodies, a stamp perched high voice , and very interesting compositions.

titles such as " The Ocean ", " Somewhere " or " A Hidden Sun " , they have a little older his side, nonetheless very tasty listening. We can also find beautiful instrumentals as "Sahara" , magnificently played on classical guitar , or " Odyssey " more rock in mind, but still that showcases guitars .

" Still Live Free " is a slightly more square rock and it will highlight the excellent quality of voice is clear , fair, well mixed . Certainly, we are in the 80s in sound , sometimes a little marshmallow over current drier sound , but the pieces are all after displaying the same level of quality.

This reissue contains 3 unreleased and re-recordings , including a new song titled "Try Not To Worry " and 2 live tracks in Japan.

a very interesting reissue that will discover or rediscover a great group . A strongly advise .