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Historical Atoll / Chris Beya Atoll


Atoll is referenced by the media of the time as one of the most popular of the years 70/80 French groups with Angel , Telephone, Trust. He twice Olympia , touring throughout France and abroad . It remains one of Progressive rock bands of the most famous Seventies , otherwise among the best.

group provides music both complex and very elaborate , with sophisticated arrangements and constant melodic research. Recorded in 1974 , " Magicians Musicians "is revealed as a most successful debut album . Indisputable masterpiece of Messina training " My Spider l"( 1975) orchestra arrival of the talented guitarist Chris BEYA and a rival of violinist Jean-Luc Ponty .

two keyboardists know to intelligently Mellotrons Moogs and other featured, in compositions with multiple twists. This ambitious opus directed by ATOLL , reached at the time the tops of their art. Rock jazz inspired and masterfully executed "Cazotte # 2 "rubs two long pieces harmoniously with lyricism and more as conceptual nearly twenty minutes.

all reached this level of sophistication that puts ATOLL alongside YES or KING CRIMSON , as well as MAHAVISHNU THE ORCHESTRA . A business card more eloquent ! Now recognized for their melodic and instrumental perfection as far as their talents of composers and arrangers, its members have two years later the excellent album "Third ", a reference type ( without a second keyboardist or violinist ) a great instrumental mastery is strongly oriented towards progressive rock very carefully where the singer's voice became verbal music .

" Rock Puzzle "(1979) presents a more concise and varied music, along the lines taken by ANGE and MONA LISA at the same time . Following the release of a compilation Cosmic Trip in 1981

1988 enthusiasts Japanese offer to Chris BEYA produce a new CD ATOLL "Ocean " . This is the first time that the producers of the Rising Sun investing in a French group. It follows a Japanese tour. "Tokyo is Finished ! " is the "live"album recorded in 1989.


Chris BEYA remainder of the initial training. It is then joined by Raoul LEININGER vocals, Jean Pierre KLARES bass, gilles BONNABAUD drums and keyboards Nathalie GESCHIER .

Output Illian - ' I hear rumbling Earth "in 2003, marks the return of Chris BEYA with retraining.

Illian , "I hear the rumbling earth! "

( Concept: Chris BEYA composer / Raoul LEININGER -author)

Imagine traveler, Illian , came from a universe to the confines of time and space , like Ulysses in a fantastic odyssey would be witness to a civilization with its paradoxes and anachronisms .

Observer discrete barbarism , intolerance and sufficiency of mankind which he had belonged , he looks at the world as in a mirror , sends his own image. It feels vulnerable and even a little guilty, but it 8000 years ahead .

It can not intervene or change the course of things, so let Illian signs to help men hoping they will decrypt .

How do I make them understand , make them hear when they do not listen ....

Love and hate are not competing in a fierce jousting that takes you to the heart of a new Atollien universe.